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Favourite Autumn Nail Polishes

My favourite season is finally here!!! Well technically not until the 22nd I think but anyway.. it’s cold! I’m currently sitting in my dressing gown with a candle on writing up this post, cosy nights are back! I’ll probably be doing a few autumn related posts but thought I’d start with my favourite nail polishes. Continue Reading

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Review: Nip + Fab Body Butters


These body butters are the first products I’ve tried from Nip+Fab and so far I’m really impressed with the brand. Although they are named as a body butter they don’t have the typical texture of what I’d describe a body butter as having, they’re a lot more creamier and thinner than the majority I’ve tried. I’d actually say they’re more of a moisturiser consistency but I don’t really mind, they’re actually easier to work into the skin.
There are three different scents available, Coconut Latte which is my favourite out of the three, Pistachio Sundae and Mango Smoothie. I’m rubbish at describing scents but one thing I can say is that I think they’re those scents that you either love or hate. They are quite strong and linger on your skin, which I love but I know some people hate this so I’d definitely suggest going in store to smell them first.
I’ll do my best – Coconut Latte smells like coconut, vanilla and chocolate, which are all my dream scents rolled into one! This is the least potent one and I can’t really see anyone not liking it!
Pistachio Sundae is probably my least favourite, I’ve never ate or smelt a pistachio before but I’m guessing that’s what it smells like, it’s a very odd smell – I’m a bit undecided.. I like smelling it from the tub but whenever I’ve wore it, it’s been a bit too sickly smelling for my liking. Definitely smell this before you buy!
And Finally Mango Smoothie which is very sweet, fruity smelling and actually does smell like a mango smoothie. This is another one that if you’re not too keen on sweet scents that this may not be for you as it is quite strong. I personally really like it.
They leave my skin feeling really soft and hydrated and the scent stays with me all day. As they aren’t that thick they soak into your skin straight away so you aren’t left feeling greasy or sticky. They also leave a really nice sheen on the skin, they’re definitely worth a buy! Please let me know if you have any Nip+Fab recommendations.
The full size butters are currently on offer on the Nip+Fab Website for 50% off – £4.95 each.