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Show Beauty Premium Working Texture Spray


Yet another review of a product I received in the Mid Summer Meet goody bag – this is possibly one of my favourite products that we received! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, I’m trying to save it just because it looks so pretty. It’s quite heavy which I think adds to the luxurious feel and I love the sleek black and gold design.

The first time I tried this was straight after the Mid Summer Meet event and I was a little bit tipsy and was getting ready to go out round Manchester with CharissaRae and our boyfriends. Charissa said she had the dry shampoo and I just assumed I had the same so I just sprayed loads onto my roots… I wouldn’t recommend doing this, it went so crispy! After thinking “this is so rubbish” I realised that it was actually texture spray, silly me.

When using it correctly I absolutely love it! I usually wear my hair straight when I go out and I love this for creating a bit of texture, so it’s not so lifeless. As long as you don’t spray loads onto your roots then you shouldn’t have any problems with it going crispy. Even if it does go crispy, all you need to do is brush it out and you still have some texture. I like to spray some lightly towards my roots and scrunch my hair up to create more volume. I hate my hair curly but I imagine it would give a really nice texture to curly hair too. I do however like my hair wavy and I’ve also tried this to create a more messy and relaxed look.

It also smells so nice, I’m rubbish at describing scents but it smells like a hairdressers, in a good way.. like an expensive hair salon! It is a bit pricey, at £30 it’s not something most people would just be able to casually spend on a texture spray. If you’re looking to splash out and treat yourself on a new hair product then you should definitely look at the Show Beauty Premium range. At the event a representative for the brand spoke to us about their different products and everything looked amazing, I definitely want to try the Pure Treatment Oil. Some of the products would also make great gifts for beauty addicts as the packaging is also amazing.

Let me know what you think about the brand in the comments!