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The Tru Brand Liftonic Toning Treatment

A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly sent a product from The Tru Brand, a new Scottish skincare brand which I’ve been following for a few months now. The owner of The Tru Brand, Sarah-Jane Lynch, aims to abolish the stigma attached to high maintenance skin, for example those with dry skin, eczema, acne or scarring. The Tru Brand’s motto is “Believable Skincare for Unbelievable Skin” and I think what Sarah-Jane is trying to do is such a good idea. When I was younger I ended up having to go to the doctors at one point because my skin was quite bad and what they gave me was this medicine-looking product in rubbish packaging, not appealing at all.

Here’s a few words from Sarah-Jane Lynch herself.

“Suffering eczema all my life, I was never one to go shopping for my weekly skincare in a department store like all my friends, I had to hide my unattractive gunk in my bag, no big cosmetic brand was trying to alleviate this market by providing them with a brand that made them feel great and also good for their high maintenance skin.
All major brands irritated my skin but did this mean I had to suffer with low self-esteem just because no one was catering for the glaring realisation that as a young woman, I didn’t want to have to put up with eczema cream with blue writing (which irritated my skin also) or maybe the the constant reminder on creams that this is suitable for ECZEMA, always felt like it was in capital letters – Basically I was told I couldn’t have eczema and be glamourous!”

There will be three products available at the time of launch, including a cleanser, toning treatment and a moisturiser. They also have a further eight products which they will release throughout the next year, so keep an eye out! The product that I received was the Liftonic Toning Treatment, which will retail at £28 for 50ml.

Obviously the first thing I noticed was the packaging but whatever I say won’t make a difference as I’ve been informed that the bottle for main production will be black.. so we’ll have to wait til launch for that one, even though you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover! One thing I can say, is that it comes in a pump bottle which I really like!
Now the important part. They say that this is much more than just a regular toner, which is why they have named it a ‘toning treatment’. The toning treatment includes Liftonin, to improve skin structure and reduce fine lines. I’m unfortunately starting to get fine lines so I was really excited about the prospect of postponing the ageing process. It also includes D-Panthenol, a hydrating moisturising vitamin b emollient to soften skin and improve elasticity. Green mandarin essential oil to help revitalise congested pores and Petitgrain which has mild antiseptic properties to clear and tone.
There are two ways you can apply this product, you can just simply spray it directly onto the face or you can use a cotton pad. I prefer to use a cotton pad as I feel like it also gets rid of anything left on my skin after cleansing and in the morning I do sometimes like to spray it directly onto my face as a way of waking myself up a bit as it smells really fresh and clean.
I’ve really enjoyed using this product over the past couple of weeks, the toner feels really moisturising whilst feeling light and not greasy at all. It also sinks into the skin without leaving any nasty residue behind. My skin has been playing up over the last month and the toning treatment seems to have helped my skin a lot. I’ve had a few breakouts and it’s helped to calm my skin down. I’d definitely be interested in purchasing more Tru products once they become available.
The Tru Brand store launches on the 1st November in Fenwick, Bond Street along with their website