Clean and Clear, Face Wash, Morning Energy, Review

Review: Clean & Clear Morning Energy


I was using this product a couple of years ago before I started using more high end brands and for some reason what was drummed into my head was, they’re more expensive which means they’re ‘better’. When I was using this I was getting a lot of compliments on my skin and I didn’t actually realise it was this. I’ve tried cleansers and face washes from a variety of price ranges including Simple, Lush, Liz Earle, Origins etc. and I’ve never liked anything as much as this face wash (for morning use, I prefer other cleansers for taking off my makeup). I know it probably doesn’t have as many benefits for my skin in the long run as it includes scary parabens but for what it does to my skin in comparison to other products I have used, I love it. It does however include vitamin C and ginseng, which really brightens up the skin and makes you look refreshed and awake. It also has small beads that burst when you work them into the skin, it’s not abrasive like a facial scrub, it’s not really like a scrub at all, it’s really gentle on the skin. It feels like a gel consistency which is easily massaged over the face, it also smells really fruity and refreshing. I usually use this when I wake up, as I don’t have any makeup on I don’t need a deep cleanse, this really gives my skin a nice glow. If you’re wondering, my skin is quite normal/combination, with occasional dry patches around my nose, it’s also quite dehydrated and sometimes can feel quite tight. I’d definately recommend this for all skin times, it’s oil free so I don’t think it’d be any problem for someone with oilier skin and for £3.99 it’s worth a try to see if you love it as much as I do!