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Wantworthy #4

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Obviously when you have no money you want everything and again I’m just torturing myself. I’ve wanted my own SLR camera for sooo long, the amount of times I had to lend the uni camera was ridiculous, pretty sure I just annoyed the technicians. This one sounds great for someone who’s just starting to get into SLRS, I know the basics but I’m not too confident, so this one would be perfect.
At the Mid Summer Meet event, I got chatting a representative for Moroccan Oil and he spoke about all these amazing products that they have. They have three hair masks for different types of hair and the one he recommended to me was the Light Hydrating Mask. This mask helps to repair fine hair whilst restoring strength and elasticity. I also seen these boots in Mango whilst shopping in Manchester, I NEED them. You can tell I’m looking forward to autumn as I reeeeally want this coat too. I’m bored of summer now, I like to wear layers and big chunky scarfs and get all cosy. Saying this, I’ll probably be one of the first to moan when it’s cold.. never happy.
I may be just a tad late for the Emma Hardie Clensing Balm bandwagon but.. I was in TK Maxx the other day and I seen an ‘Emma Hardie Amazing Face’ product which I thought was the cleansing balm and nearly died. It wasn’t. It was the body scrub, which made me angry as it had ‘Amazing Face’ on the packaging.. ARRH! So I’m now dying to try it even more!
BUT.. soon will hopefully be the end of my spending ban as I have a trial at a pub/restaurant tonight which I’m quite nervous about. I’ve never had a job like this before, I can imagine it being very fast paced. So hopefully I’ll do well and finally have a job after over a year of searching for one.. wish me luck!